Photography is my passion. My interest in taking photos started at a very young age, capturing pictures of mushrooms and moss. I'll admit, back then, there wasn't much special about those photos - aside from them being special to me. I continued taking photos of friends and family as I got older, but lost the whimsy that I once felt as a teenager. In 2017 I started modeling for a short time, and it peaked my interest in photography on a deeper level. So, I bought myself a camera, and started taking those photos again. The mushrooms, flowers, moss, textures, and colors I would find in nature. It lit a flame, and my passion for taking photos grew. The friends I had made while I was in the small local modeling world began allowing me to take photos of them, and my world opened up. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I absolutely adore photographing nature, models, friends, and family. I find so much joy in capturing photos of people on their most special days, freezing moments in time for others to look back on. I love photographing children, and families, and seeing the love and connection between people. Life is so beautiful, and love is the very center of it all. Being able to see that, and capture that in a photograph, is the most rewarding experience. I am extremely dedicated to this job, and to the clients who trust me to capture a piece of them through my lens. Please take your time to explore my work, and I hope that you would allow me the opportunity to work with you one day.