Welcome to my site. My name is Bethanie, and I am an artist based out of North Georgia. I specialize in photography, modeling, and poetry. As a photographer, I have experience working with children, students, as well as skilled and new models. Whether you are looking to build your portfolio as a new model, a family looking for holiday portraits, or a newly engaged couple, I am here to assist you in bringing your photographic dreams to life. I can help find a location, come up with wardrobe, and assist in posing, as I have experience in front of the camera as well. I will work with you to make your experience the best possible, and to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your photo session. As a model, I have experience in fashion, boudoir, conceptual, fastasy, and more. I have made my own costumes many times, and it is something I am passionate about. I will work together with you as a photographer to make your conceptual ideas come to life. I have also partnered with photographers as a model to create poetry alongside the images they create with me, and have been featured in art shows, and galleries. 

I will have separate sections within my webpage to showcase the work I am most proud of. I hope to reach others on a deeper level with my work, as well as to inspire. The most important part of this life, to me, is love. Of all things we have to give, that is the greatest gift that we can give one another. Take some time here, if you like - explore what I have to offer. I hope that there is a deeper value found in my works by my audience, by you. 


Please note; if you would like to purchase a specialized print, on canvas or metal, feel free to contact me. If there is a photo that you are interested in ordering that is not available in store, inquiries are welcome. 

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